About Us

Nel’ nero (In-the-black) is a boutique strategy and commercialisation consultancy firm that provides a range of professional services –each of which are uniquely designed to meet the needs of a specific client.

The objective of ‘nel’ nero’ is to partner with businesses to deliver solutions that drive sustainable business results. We do this by bringing a positive perspective (‘nel’ nero’ – ‘in-the-black’) to both the current status of your business and its’ future potential. This ‘in the black’ perspective provides capacity for insight, capacity to exert influence, and capacity to have impact.

‘In the black’ is positive territory in a traditional finance sense, and this analogy is the premise of the ‘nel’ nero’ concept. Positive territory is the mind space and place from which to most effectively assess, analyse, plan, implement, monitor and adjust. It is also the place from which to effectively listen, support, and engage. And Positive territory is a place from which to best actualise potential. It is also the place where we want our clients – and their business- to arrive and to own.

Pro-active businesses or organisations want or prefer to hold a ‘nel’ nero’ position or state in every aspect of their strategy, planning, commercialisation, operations, execution, delivery and growth. This concept is the driver that we at ‘nel’ nero’ utilise to enable development of actionable strategies and pathways that ensure sustainable outcomes are achieved.

We do this in all sectors at all scales – ensuring that pragmatic solutions and measurable success is generated- from a global fortune 500 setting, right through Corporate, SME’s to a micro- small business, and even a start-up entity.

This operational picture extends across all commercial settings, as well as NGO’s and Non-profits, private equity and venture capital joint ventures.

Nel’ nero is not just a consultancy firm- because we are not career consultants. We are business practitioners, having either built our own businesses or held executive roles in other companies. So ‘ownership’ of the strategies and solutions we develop is critical in our client’s success.

Nel’ nero offers the best of two worlds due to our experience and expertise;

Personal touch with Global reach.