Coaching & Integrated Mentoring

Delivered by globally recognised and successful business leader, practitioner, & Internationally accredited Developmental Coach Scott Brown, this style of coaching is the rare hybrid of personal development, business insight, supportive mentorship, and integral leadership.


What is Integrated Mentoring?

This style of coaching is the rare hybrid of personal development, business insight, supportive mentorship, and integral leadership. These elements unite to deliver guidance focused on the self and its potential to positively impact life and business.

Through the lens of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal success, I identify and work through the barriers holding you back from becoming the best person and business leader you can be.

I facilitate the freeing of your human potential through authentic and unbiased observation and skilled focused questioning. The result is the creation of a space for you to grow, develop, and achieve your goals in a way that holds meaning and sustains impact on your life and business.

How I get to know you

Unbiased observation 

Through our consultations, I observe your day-to-day life and business practices, decision making processes, thought patterns, behaviour, tone, and body language to gain the whole picture of you and start making note of potential barriers and opportunities for change. 

Skilled questioning 

I use my knowledge of kinesics (non-verbal communication) and common behavioural traits I see in life and business to form skilled and targeted questions. These questions are aimed at both yielding honest answers and planting seeds of thought to unravel your thinking processes and get to the root of your answers. 

Human connection

This is a deeply personal journey I hold your hand through. Trust, integrity, and a genuine human connection are established so we can form a relationship that communicates openly and honestly. 

What you gain access to

Answering your questions 

Why do you do what you do? What is your ‘why’?
Why are you compelled to repeat certain behaviours?
What should your next steps be?
How do you solve this problem and move forward?
How do you grow?
What needs to change? 

I help guide you to answers for your burning questions and develop an action plan to each. 

An objective perspective 

Bouncing your ideas and situations off an experienced, skilled professional gives you the multiple perspectives you need to take the best course of action. I increase clarity on the inner workings of personality and business thinking and raise your level of self-awareness to tackle problem behaviours. 

A resourceful toolkit 

I equip you with a toolkit of valuable resources that can help offer perspective, change mindsets, and guide you through decisions towards your aspirations, goals, and ideal outcomes.

Skilled dialog facilitates you in setting more positive and empowering frames for succeeding in life &/or business. I refer to this as living in and operating from a positive perspective. 

Nel’ nero (in the Black), is that positive, resourceful perspective – from which your potential can be optimised. The bottom-line is to create positive and sustainable changes in behavior and performance (personally and professionally).

My own self work, over many years, has given me both the learned and experiential capabilities across multiple lenses’, through which, I am able to assist you in applying the most appropriate lens (or combination of lenses) to each of your own individual, personal, and experiential situations and context.

Often this involves an initial assessment process to gauge the required response/s to your own individual journey of personal, professional and/or business development. This process is a fluid one, as dynamics can change through time, and your needs in the moment will shift and change accordingly. 

Why this style of coaching is for you

Integrated Mentoring is for you if you’re ready to:  

  • Increase your mind’s flexibility to gain access to the power of multiple perspectives 
  • Take your human potential to the next level and remove what’s holding you back in life and business
  • Gain the ability to intuitively apply your new thinking framework to any situation 
  • Increase your business savvy and tap into insights from a skilled business practitioner
  • Grow your self-awareness and emotional intelligence to be a strong leader 
  • Bring change to your life and business through a unique coaching approach 
  • Emerge a more self-empowered and self-determined person capable of great impact and inspiration

What framework underpins introspective coaching?

I apply theory and framework from my multiple disciplines concerned with the mind, body, and self, as listed below: 

  • NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (Master Practitioner)
  • Neuroscience
  • Human Behavioural Science
  • Integral-Semantics Facilitation (Accredited- ISNS & TCR)
  • Integral Theory
  • Integral Leadership Development
  • Neuro-Semantics
  • Object Relations Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Psychology
  • Depth Psychology
  • Enneagram- Typology and Human Relations (TCR accredited)
  • International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) -accredited member
  • Accredited/ qualified Meta-Coach [The Coaching Room (TCR), Australia & The International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), USA]

If you are ready, I will assist you in exploring the possibility of you, not merely the probability of you. Together, you will gain valuable skills that will assist you in being able to assess and intuitively bring the appropriate lens or lenses to your relationships and conversations at every level of your engagements. As you unfold into your increasing self-awareness, you will begin to show up in your world as more self-empowered and self-determined. You will have gained as much from experiential learning and experience as from theory.

Case Study - Succession Plan

The Challenge

Scott’s client was a founder and CEO in the technology industry who wanted to grow his business sustainably while keeping the wellbeing of his staff of paramount consideration. He also wanted to develop a succession plan so he could move onto other things. 

The Approach

With Scott’s help, the client examined his personal and professional situation, values and aspirations to determine how he envisaged success. They worked together on personal growth and development, along with business strategies to ensure ecologically sound outcomes. Scott guided the client to find clarity about himself and his business, staff and customers. They also explored habits and behaviours that held him back, such as his need for approval from others and avoiding conflict.

The Outcome

Coaching freed him to focus on business outcomes; today, his business has grown from 20 staff to over 100, and revenue has quadrupled. Most importantly, this growth is highly sustainable, and care for each other and the company are at the heart of the business. With the business being a considerable value proposition for prospective purchasers, he now has multiple exit strategies.

Case Study - Growth Potential

The Challenge

This client was founder and CEO of an online automobile accessories business. Because his last business had failed, he was carrying significant emotional issues which were holding him back. 

The Approach

With Scott’s support, the client explored these and identified patterns of behaviour in avoiding delegating and taking risks. While his new business was already profitable, he had been sitting still. With Scott’s help, he was able to change his risk appetite in order to access potential growth. Coaching encouraged him to identify and execute strategies to progress. 

The Outcome

Since working with Scott, revenue has increased dramatically, from $2 million to $40 million within two years; and the firm has become a global success.

Your Coach - Scott Brown

A globally recognised and successful business leader and practitioner, I began my journey of self-awareness in 2014 where I engaged with (and continue to be supported by) an ego-aware coach. 

Throughout this journey, I have continued to build my knowledge pool of the human psyche and its relationship with real-life situations on a personal and professional level.

My unique understanding of the self and ability to draw on 35 years of global business experience has created a hybrid coaching style that uses deep introspection to remove barriers and actualise your full potential. 

I have held leadership positions (MD, CEO) for large global companies as well as built my own companies across 15 sectors from the $250k level right up to over $2B. I know business, and I know the type of mindset and introspection it takes to run one successfully.

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