Nel' Nero Team

Nel’ nero (In-the-black) is a boutique strategy and commercialisation consultancy firm that provides a range of professional services – each of which are uniquely designed to meet the needs of a specific client.

Scott Brown
Executive Director

Scott’s corporate exposure, success in the small business sector and his passion for small to medium enterprises, provides a broad foundation from which to advise, support or lead organisations looking to develop, innovate, grow or prosper.

He has invented, created, built, developed and commercialised businesses, prospects, business models and brands across a range of industry sectors nationally and globally over the past 30 years.

Scott’s technical qualifications and leadership experience spans such industry sectors as mining and resources, architectural design and town planning, construction, retail sales and marketing, education/training, horticulture, water/hydrology, earth sciences, sustainability, business management and strategy consulting, business broking, mergers and acquisitions, and innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.
Scott is an internationally accredited Facilitator, personal & professional development coach and mentor.

Scott brings ‘real-world’ credibility to the table from having developed, driven and delivered strategic thinking, culture and actionable strategies and processes in his own businesses, or in leadership roles (CEO, MD, GM or OM) in other organisations, as well as a J/V business partner or independent consultant – on global and national scales across a broad range of sectors. This includes Global fortune 500, SME’s, Start-ups, Government (Education), NGO’s and Not for Profit.

He provides interim or part-time CEO expertise for start-up, early-stage or established companies in such sectors as app-tech, digital business sales, M&A, ICT, importing, manufacturing, tourism/recreation, and retail. He has helped launch significant start-up entities, and raised millions of dollars in seed and PE capital through multiple source channels.

Valentina Rossi
Manager: Admin Operations & Stakeholder Relationships

Valentina has a significant blend of diverse sector and stakeholder experience together with a wide range of high level qualifications. Armed with significant communication expertise, qualifications and experience, she is a qualified educational & training professional, Personal Development Coach, and Facilitator.

Having created her own businesses in the creative arts & communication sectors, Valentina also has significant experience in B2C and B2B sales, staff training and culture setting, financial services, customer management, and conflict resolution. Valentina has significant office, staff & stakeholder administration and management experience. She has also played a critical role in developing, actioning, and enabling professional and personal communication processes and protocols – and leveraging these for profound stakeholder engagement with commercial and non-profit organisations.

Valentina leverages this diverse range of skills, attributes and experience to ensure administration and operations of the practice are undertaken with clarity and that our clients’ perspective is considered as the foundation for each relationship.

Frank Iorfino
Senior Associate

Frank’s strategic leadership experience spans finance, business operations, marketing, business development, IT and human resources management within strong client focused sectors including BPO/managed services, retail and professional services industries operating in the Asia Pacific region.

His business success has been founded on a clear understanding of how vision, strategy, culture and investing in staff drive sustained business profitability. He has achieved positive business results through effective strategy planning and execution, mitigation of risks, identification of opportunities, driving cultural change and by using his strong financial acumen to translate possibilities into commercial outcomes. Frank has consistently delivered new business initiatives and costs savings which have improved EBITDA by millions of dollars and ensured financial targets are consistently met.

Frank understands the importance of cultural change and continuous business process improvement and has led the redesign and development of key operational processes, systems, automation tools and performance measurement metrics while ensuring critical buy-in and engagement from key stakeholders. He has developed the performance capabilities of staff, built customer focused teams, and engaged employees and key stakeholders to achieve organisation goals in competitive environments.

Gary Tubb
Senior Associate

Gary is a dedicated people and business person with an international background in Consumer and Contract Publishing, Retail, Hospitality, NFP and Executive Career Management. He has worked with large multinational corporations and has extensive experience in owning and operating businesses from Brisbane to Bermuda, USA, Mexico, UK and Australia whilst conducting business on a global scale.

Gary’s network is extensive and his talents and passion for SME’s is unwavering and limitless. He has coached many executives and aspiring executives in how to make their careers successful and enjoyable.

He makes a difference to people and business such that most ongoing business is a result of ‘word of mouth’ and direct referrals.

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